Tophawks Employee Referral Program

Global HR research states that candidates referred by existing employees of an organization are significantly better than those hired through other sources because the referrer usually knows the candidate well, and exercises judgement in referring only good candidates to the organization. Also, existing employees are able to convey useful information about an organization’s culture and work processes to prospective employees, thus ensuring that candidates self-select the organization only if
there is a culture fit.

The Tophawks Employee Referral Program is designed to incentivize Tophawks employees to look through their networks and refer suitable candidates for opportunities at the company. Guidelines are as follows.
– Referral bonuses are only awarded for new hires that have not worked at Tophawks in the, past.  Referral bonuses are not awarded for returning (“boomerang”) hires.
– The first channel through which recruitment team receives a candidate’s resume will be the official source recorded and sole beneficiary of any prizes and/or incentives. This source will
be considered the official referrer for a 6-month period, during which time that referral is considered a referral for all positions at Tophawks – not solely the position to which candidate
was referred.
– Tophawks employees will receive a referral bonus payout on the first pay date after your referred hire has been with Tophawks for 90 days (or the closest pay date after the 90-day
– The referred hire and Tophawks employee must be employed with Tophawks after 90 days to receive referral bonus.
– Tophawks contractors or temporary staff members are not eligible to receive employee referral bonuses or incentives.
– Tophawks employees cannot receive a referral bonus for recommending or referring contractors or temporary staff members for full-time employment.
– Referrals for an internship position are not eligible for referral bonuses; however, a bonus will be paid out to the employee if the intern receives and accepts a full-time offer.
– HR and Recruiting team members are not eligible for referral bonus payout.
– Managers are not eligible to receive a referral bonus for openings within their own organization structure due to potential conflict of interest.  Managers are encouraged to
submit referrals to close positions within their team with the best possible candidate; however they will not receive a bonus payout.