Salary Payment Timelines

– Salary Cost is related to the salary/incentive of all the active/inactive employees on corporate and project role

–  HR Department prepares the payroll after receiving the attendance input from the respective project teams and then transfers the total CTC cost along with the payroll fee for all the employees allotted under one project according to created budget

–  There are two salary payouts in a month i.e., on 1 st  & 7 th  of every month. The in- house salary is paid on 1 st  of every month. Project salary is paid on either 1 st  or 7 th  as per the client agreement/contract 

– There are 3 payout dates in a month for hold salaries i.e., 7 th , 15 th  and 21 st  of every month

–  HR Dept shares the 1 st  Payroll with Finance Team by 24 th  and 2 nd  Payroll by 5 th  for preparation of salary invoices on time. Project Teams need to share the attendance on time with the Payroll Team for timely payroll & invoicing closure