Purpose of Helpdesk

Tophawks is a vast organization with many employees in our various offices, and thousands of employees in the field serving our customers. We have various support functions, processes and IT tools to help our people do their jobs well so that Tophawks can be a successful organization.

However, sometimes people may not understand our processes and tools completely, and sometimes the processes and tools do not work according to expectation. This impacts our people and often hurts their ability to do their job well. They would like their questions to be answered and their problems to be fixed, but often they don’t know who to ask. Even if they know who to ask and call or email that person, there is a chance that the issue might get missed among all the other work. This gives rise to dissatisfaction, makes people frustrated, hurts the quality of work we can do for our clients, and in extreme cases also causes people to leave the company.

The Tophawks Helpdesk has been designed to be the single point where all Tophawks associates can raise their questions and issues, and be sure to find satisfactory and timely answers.