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Helpdesk For Employees

Introduction and Purpose of Helpdesk

The TOPHAWKS web based Helpdesk is the single point where all TOPHAWKS associates can raise their queries and issues….

HR Helpdesk and Admin Helpdesk

The HR Helpdesk provides help related to HR operations such as employee joining, leaves, payroll & payslips….. 

IT, 1Office and 1top Helpdesk

The IT Helpdesk provides help related to Computers and Laptops, Software Installations such as Windows….

Mystery Shopping & Audit Helpdesk

The MSA Helpdesk provides help to Mystery Shoppers and freelancers for issues related to….

Functions Available at Helpdesk

Tickets: For each issue or query raised by an employee, an automated ticket gets generated……

The Ticket Process

Creating a ticket: A ticket can be created by: Emailing to one of the helpdesk IDs…

Helpdesk KPIs
  • The software calculates all the following three scores: Average response time: < 24 hours