Project Creation Request

– Request for project creation to be made with finance team with requisite documents and supporting documents acceptable for project opening will be as under: –
In case of regular/ recurring projects-

– Agreement duly signed by client with counter acceptance of CP or vice versa.
In case of one time/ non-recurring projects-

-Agreement duly signed by client with counter acceptance of CP or vice versa.

1 Or

-Purchase Orders in favour of CP.

1 Note: – No projects shall open basis email confirmation of clients

a) Agreements/ Purchase Orders should include following terms
– Agreement should clearly specify payment terms as advance or maximum credit period of 30 days.
– All expenses arising on account of statutory compliance on the transaction agreed between client & CP or on account of change in law to be mandatory reimbursed to CP by client (in case of cost-plus margin model).
– Invoicing frequency shall be fortnight (in case of one-time projects) or monthly (in case of regular/ recurring projects).

  1. Note: – For One-time projects cost shall be paid only post acceptance of invoice by the client.

b) Details Required for Project Creation 
–  Project Name
–  Project Description
–  Start & End Date of Project
–  Project Manager
–  Vertical Head
–  Business Development Manager
–  Client Manager Name
–  Client Email ID
–  Client Companyy Full Name

–  Client Address
–  Client Manager Contact Number

  1. Note: – In case of any deviation in SOP for project creation an exceptional approval from CEO will be required.