How to use the Helpdesk

There are 3 features available for users on the Helpdesk:

1 Tickets
If users have a specific issue that needs resolution, they can raise a ticket by clicking on New Support Ticket link near the search bar, or by writing to one of the helpdesk IDs mentioned on the Introduction to Helpdesk page or by creating a new ticket using the Tophawks portal.

When users create a ticket, it will be assigned to a Tophawks Helpdesk Agent, and the ticket creator will receive an automated email to confirm that the request has been received. The email will contain a link where the creator can see the updates and progress of the tickets. More information on the life-cycle of a typical ticket is at The Ticket Process page.

2 Solutions
If users need information about something, they can try searching the Solutions page with appropriate keywords. If the answer cant be found among the listed solutions – users can write on the Forum, or they can create a ticket for a Tophawks helpdesk associate to help directly.

3 Forums
If a user expects that the answer to a question may help many other users, they can ask it on the Forum rather than raising a ticket. Agents can answer questions on the Forum as well, and both the question and the answer will be visible to all users of the Helpdesk. Also – Some questions may be best answered by other members of the Tophawks community. Users can post a question on the Forum, and one of the other members of the Helpdesk may have an answer that they will post to the Forum.