Freelancer Payment Booking Process

a) Freelancer Registration

– Freelancer Claim Submission
– Program Manager’s Approval
– Verification of Documents by Finance Department
– Payment Process
b) Timelines of Freelancer Payment Booking Process

– All freelancer claims for the previous month to be filed by the 3 rd  of next month.
– Timeline for Program Manager approval is by 5th of the month
– An automated notification goes to requester after PM Approval
– On screen status changes from Pending to PM Approved after getting the approval from PM.
– An automated notification goes to requester after the claim is approved along with a cover note
– The verification TAT of freelancer payment request is 5 days from the date of hard copy receiving. 
c) Freelancer Verification Process

– There are two types of freelancer payment requests i.e., Professional Fees or Reimbursement
–  In case of professional fees, cover note submission is not required, the status of the claim directly changed to received after getting the Program Manager’s approval
–  In case of Reimbursement, cover note submission along with the supporting bill needs to be submitted with Finance Dept for the verification purpose
–  Freelancer claims can be submitted against the audits performed by the auditor. In case of any professional fees which needs to be paid separately, an approval from COO is required for the same along with the amount, project and freelancer code
–  Freelancer cost should not be booked in a cost center. While processing the payment of any freelancer, Finance Team will keep a check on the below mentioned
–   Cost and Revenue should be booked in the same month
–  Project Profitability should not be in negative
–   Acceptance on the invoice should be there from the client
d) Guidelines & Payment Timelines

– A valid freelancer is not a long-term employee
– Working on daily activity or on short term basis 
– Verification of Documents by Finance Department

– Paid on per day or per activity basis
Only individual can be registered as a freelancer and not a group or team. Sub-Contracting of services is strictly prohibited as per the Tophawks’s Policy
– TAT for payment of a freelancer is 10 days from the date it gets approved from the Program Manager
– Payment get transferred directly into the registered bank account through NEFT
– Auto generated email notification goes to payee once payments gets processed
– TDS @10% will be deducted on all the payment requests in case of availability of PAN and 20% in case of non-availability of PAN Details