Attendance Policy & Process – Corporate

Attendance Policy – Corporate
This policy sets out the guidelines of attendance process, working days & hours.  The attendance
process will be a direct input to the payroll processing for disbursement of employees’ remuneration.
Working Days & Hours
– Tophawks’s Corporate team works 5 days a week, Monday through Friday.
– Working hours are flexible, 8 am to 8 pm, 8 hours a day, starting no later than 10 am, which is the cut-off time for reporting to work. The 8 hours include a total break of 45 minutes including lunch & tea time. 
– Below 4 hours will be considered as absent, =>4 hours will be considered as half day and =>8 hours will be considered as full day present.
– Any sign-in or sign-out short of the work times will be considered a half day. However, every month 5 days delays or early exit of up to 15 minutes are allowed for normalization. After fifth instance of delayed sign-in or early sign out of 15 minutes, a half day will be considered for every subsequent delay. Any delays of more than 15 minutes will be considered half days.
– If employee do not mark their attendance as specified, they will be marked as absent and unless earned leaves are available & applied, it will be considered as loss of pay days.
Attendance Process
– The employee must sign-in and sign-out in the Bio metric device located at the office entrance.
– The attendance can be checked the next day, which is directly in sync with the Bio-metric device:
– In Attendance Normalization, employee can see the attendance captured and raise the normalization requests basis the reason.
– All other normalization should also be appropriately done with valid comments.
– If employee do not normalize attendance before the given date, it will be considered as loss of pay days unless there are EL’s available.
– HR Head will approve/reject normalization requests as per above mentioned policy.
Comp-Off Process 

– Working for =>4 hours on a holiday/weekend entitles employees to a half-day compensatory-off. 
– Working for =>8 hours  on a holiday/weekend entitles employees to a full-day compensatory off. 
Comp-Off will be added to employee’s leaves balance upon approval from Reporting Head