– SVAR Assessment
An automated Spoken English Assessment Tool, available over IVR. The tool allows to evaluate the pronunciation, fluency, intonation, listening, language anticipation and spoken English understanding. It is mandatory for all hiring of PM & below level. Passing score is set as 60.  
– Mettl Assessment
A comprehensive test which covers quantitative, verbal, logical reasoning aptitudes and has an attention to detail section which measures a candidate’s attention span and his observational power. It is mandatory for all hiring of PM & below level. Passing score is set as 45. 
– Thomas Assessment (GIA)
It measures a person’s mental horsepower by understanding how quickly candidates can learn and retain new skills and procedures. It gives reliable prediction of their potential to
grasp or develop into a new role. It is mandatory for all employees. 50 percentile has been set as passing score of all hiring of APM & below level and 70 percentile for PM & above level.